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On The Clock

When Sofia gets her first period, Lucas sets out to secure the feminine products she needs, confronting many harsh realities along the way. 'On the Clock' is a kinetic and intimate portrayal of two siblings coming of age in urban LA.

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Breach of Trust

Breach of Trust is a short documentary about the USC gynecologist George Tyndall sexual assault case from the point of view of the women advocating for change.

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It has been weeks since Yeonsoo’s
mother ran away from her abusive
father. When 17 year old Yeonsoo
finally sees her mother Mina behind
her father’s back, she hopes to
convince her mother to give her
dad a second chance.

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A Blossom in the Night

When a young woman is on the run from a dystopian government that is selling low-income citizens into slavery, she has to decide whether she has the strength to fight when her brother is kidnapped.

Please Translate

Please Translate explores how language can act both as a barrier and an effective tool to help bridge the relationship between a Chinese immigrant mother, and her American-born daughter. This film exemplifies that nothing –not even linguistic differences– can stand in the way of the special bond between mother and daughter. 


Filipino swimmer named Ernie Gawilan has faced unimaginable hardships that forced him to battle his insecurities and strive toward success. In 2015, he satisfied the Olympic qualifying time that allowed him to compete for the 2016 Summer Paralympics held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Director ; Editor
Imperfectly Complete

Lucy, a Burmese American woman, struggles whether to reveal the truth of herself when the blind guitarist she admires and takes care is about to regain his vision.

Ain't that a Kick in the Head

On his deathbed, former alcoholic and widower, Sydney Weaver fights to manage his pain.

Ikaw at Ako

Marco and Elisa meet for one night in Los Angeles after not seeing each other for over twenty years, sparking dormant feelings they never confronted in their youth.

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Lonsesome Night

Kathy finds herself in her dream, trapped in a lavish home. As she explores the house and searches for a way out of this dream, she realizes that she must overcome her feelings of nostalgia in order to let go of her past relationship.

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Dez, an oft-troubled pop star, gets seemingly poor advice from her therapist, who may have an ulterior motive.

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Seventh Moon

When Akan-anwan, the body-thieving creature from her mother's folktales comes alive, little Binta comes face to face with her greatest fear.

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